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February 16, 2010

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Geared up for the next zealots??..

3) Welter :

  1. a tossing and tumbling, as of waves

  2. a confusion; turmoil

ntr.v. wel·teredwel·ter·ingwel·ters

She was weltering in work, eager to take a break.

Most breeds of pigs will welter happily in mud.

Now our turn….

Do not welter too much with the words. Its easy. 🙂

So your say??


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So next,

2) WARY : very careful, cautious

* but weary is tired,  fatigued

Be wary of pickpockets.

Now lets try,

*Students  are  now keeping a more wary eye on the final exams.

* Be more wary on your vocab part in GRE.:)

So your say??


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So, GRE Zealots…shall we move on??…

Yes, next is W


Good news…only 4 words


–> to authorize,justification, to give official notice.

It is used in context of an official act.

“A crime will warrant the convening of a court.”

“An arrest notice is an official warrant.”

“An unsafe situation warrants a warning sign.”

* So, thats it…. A warrant is authorization.

Now lets frame a sentance,

Write a sentence using warranted. :);)

That’s it…Simple, is it not?


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Annu: I will initiate with the High frequency GRE words from BARRON AND KAPLAN.

So, roll up your sleeves and get, set ready for vocab-battle 🙂


Hurray!!!…Only one word in Z


–> a fanatically committed person, one who is zealous.


The anti-tobacco zealots have been stoking up the hysteria

ready for the big push on smoking in public places.

SO, ZEALOT –> One who is fanatic on something, INDIANS are cricket ZEALOTS:)

wow…Now, we too framed a sentence..Now try urs:)


The Beginning

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Hello world….

This blog is dedicated to all those who are passionate  about GRE, those who love english, those who want to express themselves, master the foreign language….. The blog will aid in your strides of life…

* thank you sis, for all this idea is urs :)… We hope to reap and others too*

So the missionGRE begins….


Hello world!

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