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V series February 17, 2010

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5) verbose

using or containing too many words; wordy; long-winded; prolix

GRE  exams  have become verbose over the past.

Very easy to relate. In English, verb—> verbose

So. lets move on…


  • the appearance of being true or real
  • something having the mere appearance of being true or real
Concentrate o the root, VER means truth. From there comes,




*Her painting bore such verisimilitude to the actual flowers that it

looked like a photograph

And now see this..

So, thats it verisimilitude is giving a truth like illuision.

But, veracious and veracity is the actual truth


  • Conformity to reality or actuality
  • An enduring or necessary ethical or religious or aesthetic truth.

* It also relater our root word “ver”–> truth

I intimate a broader vision to find endless verity.

Can u get me a better sentence??

8) viable

  1. able to live;
  2. workable and likely to survive or to have real meaning, pertinence, etc.

Farmers are advised to  grow viable seeds

* Viable ideas and action aids us to reach the pinnacle of success.

So urs.??



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1. Abate

  • Subside, Allay,Alleviate
  • Moderate
  • Reduce, Lessen,Slacken,Mitigate

Eg: Abate , Alleviate and allay have the same meaning

Eg: The storm abated after causing enough damage.

Even before the pain caused by Mumbai blasts has  allayed/alleviated, there was again a bomb explosion in Pune


Focus on ‘ate’ part of abate. (eat, ate, eaten). When you eat anything, you reduce it’s quantity

Abate and rebate or rhyming —- Rebate means discount…meaning reduce


  • Debase,Degrade,Lower
  • Humiliate,Demean


Many scientists were abased by critics before their invention saw the light of the day.

He abased himself by behaving in an indecent way in the public

The student was abased by the teacher as he was disturbing the class.

3. Abhor,Abominate

  • Detest
  • Hate,Loathe

I abhor people who orphan their children

4. Abet

  • Sustain,Co-operate
  • Aid,assist – fcan be for a wrong thing also

5. Abeyance

  • Temporary Suspension

Eg: Since the power failure, the town has been in abeyance.

6. Abnegation, Abnegate,Abjure

  • Sacrifice
  • Renunciation, Give up
  • Reject,deny

Mother teresa lead a life of abnegation, to look into the needs of the poor and the needy.

7. Abash

  • Embarrass
  • Shame
  • Mortify
  • Eg:

The girl has an abashed expression on her face.

8. Abdicate

  • Renounce
  • Relinquish
  • Abandon,Resign

Buddha abdicated all his luxuries to serve the poor.


  • Miserable
  • Wretched,pitiable,base,cringing

Eg: People in some parts of India are still living in abject poverty.

The student felt abjected after the exam results was announced.


  • Wear off
  • Scrounge

The maid abraded the floor for cleaning it well.

11. Abridge

  • Shorten
  • Compress,COndense
  • Lessen

Eg: Abridged version of books are sometimes helpful when the original version is too lengthy.

12. Abrogate/Annul

  • Cancel
  • Quash
  • Repeal,Rescind
  • Invalidate,Countermand

The only way to abrogate the ill effects of smoking is not to smoke.

13. Absorbed

  • Engrossed
  • Interested
  • Incorporate
  • Assimilate

He became so much absorbed by her acting in the play that he missed his meeting.

14. Absolve

  • Acquit
  • Liberate
  • Forgive,Exonerate
  • excuse,vindicate,pardon,shrive

The suspects of the case were absolved after conducting the required tests.

15. Abstinence

  • Temperance
  • Continent
  • Abstemious
  • Teetotaler
  • Temperate

Teetotalism is the practice and promotion of complete abstinence from alcoholic beverage.

Abstinence is a voluntary restraint from indulging in bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure.



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4) Veracity

( strikes you>??..It is connected with veracious)

1. filled with trust, honest

*I am not able to ascertain the veracity of this story.


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  1. habitually truthful; honest

  2. true; accurate

* No doubt, your veracious preparation will yield a perfect GRE score.

* Pls. dont confuse with voracious.

My brother, for instance, be considered a more voracious reader than me

SO, your say…

Let it be veracious and voracious verdict:)


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1. revere

2. To show much respect for

We often venerate an author who has written a very notable book.

Now our say,

He was venerated as a seasoned veteran


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Very Good morning 🙂

So, GRE Zealots…..Today’s agenda is to start with letter V


  1. to sway to and fro; waver; totter; stagger

  2. to fluctuate or oscillate

  3. to waver in mind; show indecision

intransitive verb vacillated -·lat′ed, vacillating -·lat′·ing

*I try hard not to vacillate in my dedication to honesty .

*The clock’s pendulum vacillated to and fro with a musical note.

Now our turn,


Dont vacillate too much about  your diet..:)

Thats it…Now your say??


February 16, 2010

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Here comes the next,


  1. oddly out of the ordinary; fanciful; freakish

  2. subject to sudden change; unpredictable

  3. Capricious

The whimsical little girl liked to pretend that she was an elvin princess.

* Life is whimsical at times.

Now, our turn…

I am too whimsical about cryptography:)

Marks are whimsical always 🙂

and your say??

quick recollect:


ZEALOT – utmost zeal, fanatic


WARY – very careful

WARRANTED – authorise

WELTER – roll, turmoil

WHIMSICAL – fantasy, unpredictable

thats it:)